Sleep Deprivation on Teenagers 
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2/18/2011 09:37:57 am

Its was very alluring.. Nice background..
Its better than anything I could ever make.. haha.. bu maybe a bit more pictures?. just a suggestion...

2/19/2011 05:36:18 am

Your website is great and helpful.
Maybe a little less of the discription on the front page about the clicking here and that. Also add pictures.

2/21/2011 10:47:35 am

i never knew that their are so many sympotoms of sleep deprivations and so many causes of it. nice website by the way, its very helpful and informative.

Russell C.
2/28/2011 05:31:06 pm

Whoa, nice job on the site, I like the background and the layout of it, it was nice to read. I was focused on the causes and the treatments since I think I am sleep deprived. Very helpful.

3/1/2011 02:17:38 pm

Good job on the site:)
Nice background and the site was very informative.

3/8/2011 04:09:29 pm

I Like The Information. Nice Background (:

Dickson H.
3/8/2011 04:10:52 pm

Really nice job on the website
Good choice of background and pictures
Excellent and useful info

Mac D.
3/8/2011 04:14:40 pm

Great website.
It still puzzles me why we should avoid coffee when it's most of societies 'wake-up' call. We just don't see the cons, just the purposes.

Pictures: definitely a must for this site.

Stephanie C.
3/8/2011 04:17:49 pm

Nice job. Very informative and it's an important topic since I know many teenagers (including myself) now a days are sleep deprived. Also I think that making it a website was also a good because it's an effective way to reach out to your targeted audience. Overall very good, I would recommend my friends to read it. (sorry I really think of an improvement to make)

Mac D.
3/8/2011 04:18:51 pm

I just realized, the title of your website is "Sleep Deprivation on Teenagers". The information you are providing is really focusing, not only teens, but adults as well.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but consider changing the title.

Mac D.
3/8/2011 04:21:08 pm

Void my last comment.
I'm not clicking on the right links haha.


3/8/2011 04:24:16 pm

This is a great website, very visually appealing and informative. This certainly teaches me and warns me about sleep deprivation. It taught me that i need my sleep, and it's not very healthy or good to stay up. Nice background and great powerpoint. Overall, i'd recommend people to go over this site and great job :)

3/8/2011 04:33:37 pm

Your presentation is very helpful especially how you made your slideshow. Every single slide or "post" gave me an understanding of what you wanted to say. I learned that the long term effect are very scary, especially because it can lead to high blood pressure

3/8/2011 04:48:57 pm

wow very nice.....good information and everything!!! you did a good job..

Josh N
3/8/2011 04:57:29 pm

Pretty awesome! i like the presentation there was a lot of info, and this website is great. btw is this your product?

April Paulino
3/8/2011 04:58:48 pm

I suffer from sleep depravation from time to time. After reading your website, I learned a lot about the consequences of sleep depravation that I didn't know about. For one, sleep deprivation can cause long term effects such as heartattacks and depression. This is something to really be cautious about. Now I know how much risks I put my body through. So, I should definitely give my body a good amount of sleep to prevent these effects from happening in the future. Overall, your website is very informative and helpful for those who suffer from sleep depravation like me. Great job Karl!

Brittney C
3/8/2011 05:13:58 pm

Hey Karl,
I found it very interesting how lack of sleep now, as teenagers can affect everyone later on in life. The website is very organized, informative, and has good content. I like that you gave the long term consequences, as well as the short term consequences because most people think they will just be tired the next day. Note to self, after school finishes, i must start sleeping earlier.

Tiny Four Feeter
3/8/2011 05:33:26 pm

I am sleep deprived but your website did inform me what will happen in the long run and how I should treat myself from not being sleep deprived. I loved your website.

Sharon M.
3/9/2011 09:20:11 am

good job karl..ur website is very organize..and i learn is very interesting..wahha..i must start sleep early before its too late..hahah

One whole chicken
3/9/2011 10:06:57 am

After reading this website, I learned that I'm at risk of having sleep deprivation. I've been sleeping at 1.30-2AM. I have to change my habbit!!

Jannie Castillo :}
3/9/2011 12:57:45 pm

Wow! The information about "Sleep Deprivation for Teenagers" are very detailed. It tells me a lot about it, and this is a good source. I have a better understanding on this topic,and helped me to have a good sleep. Good job Karl :]

Jaron W.
3/9/2011 01:25:12 pm

This website is awesome. I enjoyed the information and the presentations. The videos were chosen very well. They were all great. I learned a lot about how I can get more sleep. Great job

3/9/2011 01:43:48 pm

So, we're in chemistry class right now, and there is nothing to do! SO, here we are commenting on your website which is a product for your senior project. It looks very informative and the color scheme you chose for the website is very appropriate. The prezi presentation was very nice and the information was great. Overall, this website is pretty good and I think with a little more adjustments, your website could be shown to everyone everywhere! WELL DONE Karl Cu(bang)^2!!

3/9/2011 01:44:29 pm

Hey there! This website is so cool. Hm let me collaborate with what William said earlier. Okay, we are in chemistry looking at the things we wrote for TB. Such touching comments! Awww, so good. Well yeah the information is well organized and has good grammar. Good job with the website. So Awesome! This will make your parents proud. Well done good work, your tremendous Karl!!

3/9/2011 02:13:49 pm

I love the layout you used for the website. & as for your topic and all the information - I really learned a lot! It's very informative and has made me much more aware of how important getting sleep is!!

3/9/2011 03:42:21 pm

Hey Karl,
I love the layout of your website, it's so eye-catching that you just want to read more. I also like the fact that you have a lot pictures because I'm a visual learner most of the time. lol. Overall, job well done!


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