Sleep Deprivation on Teenagers 

Signs/Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Identifying teenagers as well as adults who suffer from a lack of sleep might be easy. Particular behaviors during the day are telltale signs of sleep deprivation (S. Barston, G. Kemp, R. Segal, 2008).The seven signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation include irritability, tiredness (or drowsiness), being socially inept (or lacking in socialinteraction), stress cracking (or faltering under pressure), memory loss, having bad concentration, and developing strange appetite changes (Sleep Tracks, 2010). This means that if a person demonstrates one or more of these signs, this individual could be suffering from sleep deprivation. Understanding the signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation can be obvious to others but the cause of one’s lack of sleep is not easily distinguished.

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